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About Us

The Peer Research Approach

We partner with our clients to solve their problems because we know that you understand your problem better than we do. We also know that the problems researchers or problem-solvers are trying to pursue are getting more complex beyond the capacity of one individual to solve. Teams with greater diversity are better suited to handle such complex problems, and the simple reason is because team work stimulates the brain’s exploratory approaches.

Therefore, we are divesting our service and practice from the “expert” and “consultancy” culture and embracing group solutions to your problems. For example, we will not take your research project away only to return several months later with a final report of “our” solution to your problem. Rather, we will engage with you and join you as a team, with our knowledge and experience, to solve your problem. This way, you become part of the solution from the beginning; you learn and grow from our knowledge and experience, and you share in the success of your project.

Collaborative and Custom Research

Our clients are involved in finding solutions to their problems, whether the problems are common to multiple clients or unique to individual clients.

Research Capacity and Problem-Solving Skills Development

We help our clients to sharpen their research and problem-solving skills; including understanding research guidelines, developing high-quality research proposals, and managing post-award project requirements.

Technology and Skills Transfer

While safeguarding the client’s proprietary requirements, we communicate research outcomes and applicable skills to end users.

Petrophysics-Supported Re-evaluation of Petroleum Resource Plays

Petrophysics is often the missing but critical link in most petroleum exploration and development efforts. We look at your old data and failed solutions, in case you missed something valuable the first time around.

GIS-Supported Environmental Impact Assessment and Characterization of Industrial Pollutions

We apply modern technology in routine environmental assessments and analyses.

Energy Development Infrastructure

We communicate the importance of infrastructure in all phases of energy development, from accessing conventional and renewable resources, through generation, transmission and distribution systems.

We are a team of industry and research leaders helping individuals, organizations and educational institutions reach success

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